Cabero Group, by your side since 1916

We have been by the side of thousands of people for more than a century, helping them organise and plan their daily lives, and yet we reinvent ourselves year after year to bring them the latest, adapting to the changes required at all times. Solid experience is our guarantee, and innovation is the engine driving us.

Since our beginnings as a family-owned enterprise, and with four generations involved, we continue to innovate and create to make Cabero Group 1916, S.A. a touchstone in the stationery sector. Our philosophy? To dream up, design, develop, manage and distribute products that help us enjoy our time better and achieve our goals.

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Our philosophy is based on trust, and the loyalty of our distributors and users is essential. Our work is aligned with principles such as honesty, commitment and respect for everyone who is part of the company, whether directly or indirectly.
Finocam, a touchstone in personal organisation products

The objective of Finocam is to make it easier for you to organise your time by offering a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, and integrating all spheres of life: professional, educational, leisure and private.

Thanks to our wide range of calendars, datebooks, planners and many other products, Finocam covers the organisational needs of private individuals, professionals, students and teachers. We are constantly seeking new functionalities and improvements so that each user can find the perfect formula to organise their lives.

Who hasn’t chosen or given a datebook because of the colours or cover style? At Cabero Group we also prioritise the design of all our creations to ensure that they are another fashion accessory and match each person’s personality.

Finocam, renowned international brand

Finocam® is an internationally registered trademark, a leader in its sector in the domestic market and a company that also operates abroad. We are proud of this, and it motivates us to continue working to ensure its continued prestige.


We are always seeking excellence to meet our users’ needs and offer products that stand out for their design, functionality, quality and innovation.


We painstakingly keep watch over the entire process, from beginning to end, in order to provide impeccable service. Punctuality in our deliveries, along with rigour and personalised attention, help us forge strong bonds with our clients. At Cabero Group, we work with and for our clients, providing outstanding service and empathising and creating trust.


Sustainability is one of the company’s overall priorities, and this is why we have the pertinent environmental certifications and seals. We view sustainability and managing our environmental impact as a form of continuous improvement, so we constantly work to learn about and apply processes and materials that contribute to guaranteeing them.

At Cabero Group 1916, S.A., we are committed to respecting the environment, because caring for it means assuring the future and sustainability of our society and the planet.

The paper used in our certified products comes from well-managed forests where ecological and social values are respected.

We update our production, procurement and supply processes to ensure that we meet FSC® Chain of Custody standards.

Cabero group 1916, S.A. declared an innovative SME 2015

The paper used in our certified products comes from well-managed forests where ecological and social values are respected.

Inspection, verification, analysi and quality critification.


Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Marroquinería, Artículos de Viaje y afines

Barcelona Centre de Diseny (BCD)    Design Innovation Cluster

Gremi d’Industries Gràfiques de Catalunya